1. Install agent manager as per http://support.euphoria.co.za/solution/categories/76537/folders/3000003810/articles/3000028551-how-to-add-the-euphoria-agent-manager

2. Now go to View  button

2.1. Select ‘show  Sales Adaptor’ if it is not showing already

2.2. Ensure that you are logged into Sales force in your browser

3. Now select the ‘Salesforce’ icon in Agent Manager

4. Select  ‘adaptor settings’  and carry out the following steps

4.1. Click on the Get Salesforce XML follow steps

4.1.1. Get the Cal Centre XML file for Salesforce by clicking the ‘Get Salesforce XML’. The system will allow you to save this file to your desktop, or My Documents, or some known location. Remember where you saved this file, so that you can use it later.

4.1.2. Now log into Salesforce and click the setup link

4.1.3. Go to the ‘Build’ section on the far left of the screen.

4.1.4. Expand the ‘Customize’ option, then select ‘Call Center’, now click on the Call Centers link.

4.1.5.  You may see a splash screen, so click continue to get past this. Here you will see a list of Call Centre Configurations, click the import button

4.1.6. Import the XML file – in the import screen you will be able to click the ‘choose file’ button to select the file you saved in step 4.1.1. Import the file

4.1.7. At this point the CTI adaptor is installed and ready to use but you have to configure it ti be used on a per-user basis. You can enable or disable the call center module on each user. Click the ‘manage Call Centre users’ button to add your users.

5. Testing – On Sales Force adaptor in the Agent Manager click test. A green screen with information will open in your browser. This is confirmation that the two systems are syncing properly.

5.1.  If there is no green screen in your browser then it could be a DNS issue, local network problem. The Euphoria SalesForce CTI Adaptor, port is 12000

6. You can also double check to see if the Salesforce adaptor is running by clicking on the tab on the far right of your screen to show hidden icons. The SalesForce CtI adaptor can be found here, if it is grey it not working