Euphoria Telecom only offers two types of payment options: PREPAID or DEBIT ORDER

Postpaid Accounts

Invoices are issued on or about the 15th of each month, and debit orders are run on the 20th of each month unless the 20th falls on a Sunday or public holiday, thereafter the nearest working day.

Postpaid customers are required to:

1. Sign the Euphoria customer service agreement.

2. Sign the debit order instruction form. 

Postpaid customers are required to submit proof of bank account details, not older than a year - this can be provided in either the form of:


- Stamped bank confirmation letter (not older than 1 year)
- Opening page of online bank statement displaying relevant information (not older than 3 months)  
- Cancelled company cheque displaying relevant information  

Postpaid monthly calling credit limit:

For accounts requiring a monthly credit limit over R 2000, a security deposit will be required based on the credit analysis completed by Euphoria Telecom.