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API realtime calls integration


I'm trying to integrate with Euporia API.

What I need to do is

1. make a call

2. get a unique reference

3. hangup that call.

I have a few questions regarding that:

  1. I managed to make a call with the "Originate" action, but I would expect to receive a response with a unique reference of the call, but all I get is a message like this - <XML><Response>Originate 102-FalconForex to 972548490975</Response></XML>
    So how can I get a unique reference ?
  2. How do I hang up a call using the API ? I saw the "HangUpChannel" action in the documentation, is that for hanging up a specific call ? What is a "channel" ?
  3. Can "DID" numbers be used for originating calls?

Thank you!

Morning Micki,

Thank you for your forum post, Please see responses to your queries below,

1. The reason the uniqueid isn't returned is because it is only written once the call completes.

2. To get the ChannelId of an ongoing call the "GetCurrentCalls" API would be the best to use, The ChannelId can then be passed to the "HangupChannel" API call to hangup the call. A channel is connection between the agent's phone and the caller's phone.

3. No, you will need to specify an extension to make the call, a "DID" number cannot be used for originating calls as a DID is an inbound number, channel is one part of the call, So there is a channel between the User/Agent and the PBX and then there is a channel between the PBX and the callee, when the callee channel is answered the PBX bridges the 2 channels to form a single call.

Hope this helps,



Another question, could Euphoria send a call to w webhook in our system to let us know that a call was completed and hung up ?

Hi Micki,

This depends, if you are trying to make calls using the originate API call and want webhook integration on hangup then the answer is unfortunately no, unless you are prepared to develop your own phone and handle the integration using SipJS library This way you could make the calls using SipJS rather than the API call, as that library has events that fire on different occasions like "on dial", "on answer", "on hangup" ... etc)

If you are using one of our already developed phones which support webhooks already then it is already available and possible. We have 3 options the Browser Phone, the Agent Manager/Switchboard and the Agent Workspace. Each works a bit different to the other, so if you are using one of these then you could call our support team to run you through, or i could send you a simple how to, just let us know which one.

Thanks and Regards,

Got it

Where can I see all possible calls statuses ?

Thank you

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